The WMUA has recently received five major industry awards for mission excellence. Among these honors are the Utility of the Future Today Award and the 2019 Gold Peak Performance Award for a perfect permit record.

Western Monmouth Utilities Authority decided to "reach out" to the local educational community during the summer of 1992 through the Water Environment Federation "Adopt-a-School Program". A meeting was held with teachers and supervisors to discuss use of the teaching aids and the development of an eighth-grade awards program. It was out of these discussions that the  "Western Monmouth Utilities Authority Water Environment Award" was born. The positive reinforcement of a reward is always the best way to stimulate sturdy and achievement. 

The faculties of each school select a group of eighth-grade students who demonstrate the most interest and excellence in the study of surface water qualify to be finalists for this award. Of course, each school has its own flexibility in the method of selection. Marlboro chooses to hold an essay contest. Manalapan chooses to judge water quality research projects which are part of their science fair. All this is done with constant interaction between the authority and faculty supervisors. Two winners are chosen from each school.

At their graduation, the Manalapan Eighth Graders are presented award plaques by the W.M.U.A. The Marlboro students are given their awards at an Awards Assembly. All winners also received a $50.00 gift. card.

W.M.U.A's relationship with local schools has been a very rewarding experience far in excess fo our expectations. Additionally, we gain the great benefit of being perceived as an environmental leader in the community. The W.M.U.A is looking forward to working and growing with our students - the environmental future of our country.