Board of Commissioners

The WMUA is governed by a four-person Board of Commissioners (two each appointed by the Townships of Marlboro and Manalapan). Collectively, the Board Serves as the Governing Body of (and exercises fiduciary responsibility for) the Authority. They hire and supervise a full-time Executive Director who executes the policies of the Board and Administers day to day operations fo the Authority. 

In 1972, the Townships of Marlboro and Manpalan, as required by the newly adopted Clear Water Act, formed a new special-purpose government agency to collect, treat, and safely return back to the environment all of the wastewater of the Western Monmouth County region. For nearly half of a century, the Wester Monmouth Utilities Authority has protected the health, safety and welfare of a century, the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority has protected the health, safety, and welfare of our region by ensuring that every drop of wastewater discarded down the drains of our neighbors' homes, offices, schools, shops, stores, and factories is carefully collected, professionally cleaned to the highest standards known to science and returned to the environment from which it was originally taken-clean and safe for the use of man and animal alike.

Ensuring an outstanding environmental quality of life is our primary responsibility and one that our staff of dedicated professionals takes very seriously. We are proud of our efforts on your behalf and we are proud to be recognized by our colleagues around the world for our efforts. We think you will be proud, too.

About WMUA -- Staff

Board of Commissioners     Ext.
Joseph Pernice Chairman jpernice@wmua  
Stephen McEnery Vice-Chairman smcenery@wmua  
Glen Mendez Treasurer gmendez@wmua  
Jeffrey Rosen Secretary jrosen@wmua  
  WMUA Organization    
Brian J. Valentino Chief Executive Officer bvalentino@wmua 111
Jennifer Rivera Confidential Assistant/Human Resources jrivera@wmua  
Administrative Section      
Katherine Leatherman Chief Administrative Office kleatherman@wmua 102
Coleen Weber Office Manager cweber@wmua 108
Ann Finnerty Authority Clerk affinerty@wmua  
Judy Cushley Receptionist jcushley@wmua  
Finance Section      
Scott DiBenedetto Chief Financial Officer sdibenedetto@wmua 150
Nancy Yeh Accountant Manager nyeh@wmua 165
Vita Mazzola Accountant vmazzola@wmua  
Bridget Boege Accounts Receviable bboege@wmua  
Patricia Dantone Bookkeeper pdantone@wmua  
Operating Section      
1. Regulatory Compliance      
Timothy Van Pelt Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator tvanpelt@wmua  
Rosemary Fillimon Laboratory Manager rfillimon@wmua 220
Chris Kryak Sr. Operations & Maintenance Clerk ckryak@wmua  
2. Facilities Maintenance      
George Karternakis Plant Maintenance gkasternakis@wmua 275
Ed Kovacs Collections System Maintenance ekovacs@wmua 205
3. Engineering Services      
James Carr Chief Operating Officer jcarr@wmua 241
Stephen Bagadinski Technical Services/Asset Mngmnt sbagadinski@wmua