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The undersigned hereby makes application to the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority (WMUA) for sewer service at the premises described above beginning on the above date. In making this application, the undersigned agrees to abide by the WMUA Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is kept at the WMUA's office and is available for examination upon request during normal business hours, and be held responsible for attorney fees and costs in the event the WMUA has to partake in any lawsuit relating to the Application.

It is acknowledged that the discharge of surface or ground water from sump pumps, cellar drains, gutters or area drains is not permissible. The undersigned further agrees to give the WMUA ten (10) days written notice of its intention to sell the above property, furnishing the WMUA with the full name of the new owner, that he will settle with the new owner any adjustment on prepaid sewer charges.

Notwithstanding any agreement between the owner of the subject premises and the occupant of the subject premises, the service charges are the responsibility of the owner of the property. Failure to pay same when due will subject the property to a lien and/or foreclosure and sale as in any case with any taxes due on realty. The applicant will be responsible for any and all attorney's fees and costs of recovering unpaid service and/or connection fees.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: The annual rate for service shall be payable quarterly in advance on the first day of your quarterly billing. Initial bills for new connections shall be pro-rated. Bills are due and payable in full, without discount, within the month of the date of the bill. Interest of 1.5% per month will be charged on the unpaid balances by the 25th day of each month. Interest will not be paid to customers for overpayments.


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I, the applicant for/on this SINGLE CONNECTION APPLICATIONs, warrant the truthfulness of the Information provided in this application.

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